Need A Broker

CMX is a specialist broker in the financial services sector.

Investment Managers

Our core area of expertise is boutique investment managers, private equity and venture capital providers. We understand the complex nature of these risks and the regulatory framework in which these entities operate in. We can assist you with the design and placement of an insurance program to protect all stakeholders.

Financial Service Providers

Australian Financial Service Licence and Australian Credit Licence holders are required to maintain Professional Indemnity insurance under their licence. At CMX, we can assist you with obtaining the right level of cover to meet compliance and for your business. We also discuss the exposures facing the industry and how we can use insurance as a tool to transfer these risks.

Fintech Industry

We understand the risks associated with taking traditional financial services provided by banks and intermediaries, applying today’s technology and innovation to enhance the delivery and usage of financial services.

If you are a FinTech startup or established service provider speak to a risk specialist to discuss the exposures facing this industry and how to best manage them with your insurance program.

Need A Broker 

The financial services industry is one of the most heavily regulated in Australia.Keeping up to date with the regulatory changes and understanding how your insurance program needs to respond can be a full time job.  In addition to that, the insurance market has a fickle appetite for this industry. Dictated by portfolio losses, insurers often come and go, and premiums can fluctuate dramatically. CMX understands how insurers treat this class of business and understanding the insurance market is key to finding the right cover at the right premium.

Speak to your CMX risk specialist about how we can help with your risk management plan