Financial Liability Insurance

Running a business is challenging at the best of times. Get the right cover to safeguard your company and employees so you can focus on growing your business whilst protecting you from the risks and potential liabilities that come with running your company.



Complimentary policy reviews

Complimentary policy reviews

No hidden fees

No hidden fees

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance Cover is designed to protect the assets of directors and other company officials against personal liability claims.

With strong corporate governance and regulatory frameworks in place, decision makers and their boards may find themselves the target of personal liability claims resulting from decisions they’ve taken.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Known in corporate insurance circles as EPL, Employment Practices Liability insurance covers your business against claims of discrimination based on sex, ethic origin, age or disability. It also protects against employees (and even interviewees you choose not to hire in some cases) alleging harassment, wrongful termination and failure to promote.

Statutory Liability

Australian businesses, irrespective of the industry they operate in, must comply with Company Law, industry specific legislation and breaching them could result in a hefty fine or penalty.

Breach of OH&S laws is the most common claim against businesses. Having the correct OH&S procedures in place is essential, but so is the need for the proper Financial liability insurance that cover to protect your business from any statutory investigations costs, fines and penalties.


Financial loss as a result of criminal activity is yet another facet we cover – from employee theft to computer fraud and more; if crime impacts your business or puts your clients at risk, you’ll want to be protected. That’s where our Comprehensive Crime cover comes in.

Tax Audit

A tax audit can be extremely onerous on a business – even when you’ve done nothing wrong. Protect your company from the costs associated with Financial liability insurance bycomplying with an audit with Tax Audit cover.

Random audits can occur; but there’s nothing random about getting the proper insurance cover to give you breathing room you need to properly respond to the tax office.

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