Statutory Liability

Running a business is challenging at the best of times. Get the right cover to safeguard your company and employees so you can focus on growing your business whilst protecting you from the risks and potential liabilities that come with running your company.



Complimentary policy reviews

Complimentary policy reviews

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No hidden fees

Statutory Liability

Australian businesses, irrespective of the industry they operate in, must comply with Company Law, industry specific legislation and breaching them could result in a hefty fine or penalty.

Breach of OH&S laws is the most common claim against businesses. Having the correct OH&S procedures in place is essential, but so is the need for the proper insurance cover to protect your business from any statutory investigations costs, fines and penalties.

Case Study:
Occupational Health & Safety Investigation, Fines & Penalties

An apprentice builder on a construction site was inspecting drilling equipment was severely injured when a pile of debris fell on him. He was airlifted to hospital but unfortunately died two days later.

A full Occupational Health and Safety investigation began which eventually led to the insured construction company being prosecuted. During the investigation, it was deemed that the company had failed in its duty of care to provide a safe work place for its employees.

Following a 1 day hearing, the company was found liable and was fined $250,000. Overall defence costs incurred were $80,000. Indemnity was granted to the Insured under their Statutory Liability policy.

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